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Hydrocone Crusher

Hydrocone Crusher 36, is one of the suitable and highest ability to crush hard stuff , usually consider as a secondary crusher for mineral, mine , ores processing plant. it’s used for hard rocks, non sticky and dry material, upto 400 MPA, for limestone, granite, basalt, quartz, and other mineral ores are uses upto 60 C. Hydrocone Crusher divided in 2 groups in various kinds of ores and rocks, the medium and over medium hardness in processing plant, medium size is upto 100mm. use 2-36, 3-36, 4-36, for over medium size is upto 100mm.-175mm. use 5.5-36, 7-36.

Characteristic of crushers:
  • automatic setting adjustment for output product
  • Protecting system for prevent any harm to crusher
  • very economical maintenance
  • simple and easy to operate

Single Togle Jaw

More power and capacity to produce hard rocks, consider as primary type of crusher in mine and ore. quick and easy replacement of spare part and more resistant than other similar crusher, easy operation and Economical maintenance.